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Nuclear AR/VR

Nuclear Plant Onboarding AR


After the success of P.A.S.S. AR, a new app experience was developed for a client interested in onboarding new nuclear power plant employees. The app features a miniature plant site that tells the story of nuclear energy production. Some scenes include an atomic-level simulation of fission, mobile VR silo tour, and a peek inside a nuclear reactor. The app works tracker-less, but the business card tracker gives the opportunity for added model manipulation and networking. While a similar experience could be produced in a 2D interface, this AR program tinkers with scale in a fun way that gives the user a new level of autonomy over the space.

Additional AR Scenes
Nuclear Safety VR


This accompanying experience was mainly a PR piece to show the capabilities and level of detail VR can bring to safety training. Some of the highlights we wanted to show were the colossal scale of the nuclear cooling towers, the ability to digitally "break" equipment for virtual inspection, and the expanse to which we could build the environment. Inventive configurations with green screen filming allowed us to give an accurate interpretation of how it feels to embody this virtual nuclear worker. 

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