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I'm Terry Vallery, a UX consultant and XR designer based out of Austin, Texas.

I specialize in B2B UX prototyping and cultural education in virtual reality. I also discover innovative ways to connect the art and technology worlds.

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I am a UX (user experience) consultant for Emerson, an electrical engineering firm, specializing in workshop facilitation, prototyping, and customer engagement. It's my responsibility to quickly create artifacts for scrum teams, maintain our branding standards, and innovate new products for our customers.

Our suite of Distributed Control System (DCS) software, DeltaV™, is being used by Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson to create their COVID-19 vaccines. Companies from around the world use our software for various functions, from refining Shell oil to making Nestle cookies.

Skills: Workshop Facilitation, Adobe XD, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, UXPressia (Journey Mapping), Customer Validation




I was an XR (extended reality) designer that proposed, designed, and maintained safety-focused virtual and augmented reality applications. I led Google design sprints, 3D & 2D storyboarding, custom 3D asset modeling, UX/UI design, C# development, user testing, composite filming, and application roll-out.  

We worked with a wide range of clients, from sports teams to nuclear energy professionals. Our job was to first understand our users’ needs and goals. Then, we created novel yet impactful AR/VR solutions that onboard users in a fun learning environment.

Skills: Maya 3D, Unity, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Illustrator, C# development, Android app deployment  

I'm passionate about,

Art and architecture restoration in XR! I love researching historical spaces that have been lost to time. I recreate these spaces and provide a new perspective with the help of VR. I enjoy telling new stories that involve historic artwork and reimagining alternative ways to view the world.

Some of my favorite projects I’ve completed include the VR recreation of Boardman Hall, a landmark Cornell library torn down in the 1950s, and the Museum of Stolen Art which is a gallery space dedicated to unrecovered paintings that were the victims of art heists.

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